Puerto Rican Favorite Recipe – Try My Upside Down Stuffed Chicken Mofongo!

By CoolestCarib.com

When you are from the Caribbean and especially from Puerto Rica, you will soon miss a stuffed mofongo.

It’s one of the most satisfying comfort street foods you will ever find.

Besides Puerto Rican grown, freshly brewed coffee, I miss a good stuffed mofongo the most when I’m not at home in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

You can buy a stuffed mofongo on nearly any street corner in Old San Juan, whether you want a pork, beef, chicken, sea food or vegetarian version is up to you. All are equally tasty.

The classic stuffed mofongo is made with plantains and pork. However, since I’m missing my home in Puerto Rico now, it means I’m not there and couldn’t readily find plantains. Therefore I’m substituting it with nice organic Idaho potatoes. In fact, in Puerto Rico I’ve often had the option to get a potato or plantain stuffed mofongo, no worries.

Do note, the recipe is the same whether you use plantains or potatoes, there is just a bit of a difference in how you cook plantains.

*A note on potatoes, since they are one of the most laden-with-pesticides or GMO forms of food in the USA and the world, I choose organic potatoes whenever I can.

This recipe is for potatoes, how I made it, but you can also see the original recipe I followed here. Also, I made the mofongo upside down because that’s how I got to know it in Puerto Rico. For me, the filling part is supposed to be served inside a bowl that is made of potatoes or plantain. In other words, an edible bowl.

Lastly, I didn’t use pork cracklings because I don’t eat pork, but you can find it in the original recipe.

Here goes my version, prepare to have your taste buds dance the salsa! That is, the Puerto Rican salsa, of course!


  1. Lots of whole garlic cloves
  2. 2 onions
  3. 4.0 Large diced chicken breasts
  4. 1.0 Packet Saz√≥n 
  5. Adobo seasoning or any of your favourite seasoning
  6. Chicken broth
  7. Organic potatoes
  8. Oil 
  9. Nonstick cooking spray