Aruba Hi-Winds: A fantasy for windsurfers AND kitesurfers. July 4-8, 2019!

Thanks to their highly favorable wind and water conditions and year-round pleasant weather, Aruba is a windsurfing mecca, and for more than three decades, the sport’s largest amateur competition has been held on Aruba. Along the way, kite boarding (including foiling) was added to the competition events.

The local community embraces this sport, with many of their youth spending afternoons and weekends on the water with the wind in their sails, joined by the adults (who are still kids at heart, after all!) who love to escape the stresses of everyday life for an exhilarating session on the water. In fact, the reigning PWA 14-time World Champion is local darling Sarah-Quita Offringa.

Every year, thousands of vacationers come to the island just to windsurf, while many others have enjoyed their first experience with the sport, learning from one of the several windsurf schools on the island. And just about anyone can learn—a 30-minute session on land to learn the basics, followed by another 30 minutes of instruction in the water will have you sailing on your own the same day!

The Aruba Hi-Winds is dominated by amateur competitors classified by sex and age, but there is prize money to be won!. Race events include slalom and long-distance courses for both windsurfers and kite boarders. All events are held at Fisherman’s Huts.

Even if you are not a competitor, the atmosphere is beach electric and contagious! Not only are the competitions exciting to watch-especially the Kite Big Air competition-but the festivities surrounding the event: live concerts and beach parties, it all creates a fun beach culture to experience! There will also be a Hi-Winds Mountain Bike Race.

The Aruba Hi-Winds will take place at Fisherman’s Huts, just a skip down the beach from The Ritz-Carlton, Aruba.

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